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Swiss Handyman

General Contractor
License# 932711

4470 W Sunset Blvd, #447
Hollywood, CA 90027

Owner/Operator, Arnold Huber, was born and trained in Switzerland.

Our motto is:  Do it right the first time.

We believe that our customer is the most important part of our business.

Doing the job right the first time, and with Swiss Precision, makes for a happy customer.

Swiss Handyman is a fully licensed and insured General Contractor, License # 932711.  However, we are one of the few Contractors who will also do the smaller Handyman jobs in addition to the larger projects and renovations.

We specialize to be your One-Stop or Go-To for all your needs.

For bigger jobs we work with our trusted and proven professionals, all properly licensed and insured themselves.

We are masters in correctly sequencing your jobs.  Arnold has saved many customers a fair amount of money and potential headaches by correcting their sequences and giving ideas on how their projects can be done most efficiently.


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Please let us know what YOU need and want.  Any questions or comments are welcome.

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— Preferred:  Please send e-mail to  Info@SwissHandyman.com  so we can answer even after business hours.   Or fill in below form.

We look forward to hearing from you.

— If no e-mail, leave a message at  877-78-SWISS (877-787-9477).

Swiss Handyman
License# 932711
4470 W Sunset Blvd, #447
Hollywood, CA 90027


Our Services

Note: If you are looking for something but it is not listed below, or you have any questions at all, please contact us at Info@SwissHandyman.com.

Since Swiss Handyman is also a General Contractor, we do perform most of the services you expect from a General Contractor Firm (by the way we own the company name Swiss Contractor but have never advertised as such since we did not want to confuse anyone by changing the name from Swiss Handyman to Swiss Contractor).


Diverse Handyman jobs with a 2 hour minimum (Billing for Handyman Services is on a Time & Materials basis only).

Specialized in Troubleshooting (find the real source needing repair so it won’t repeat).

Problems that no one else has been able to handle for you.

Specializing in door adjustments, interior and exterior.

Big screen TV installation, wire management.

Picture / Curtain / Blind Hanging.

Change of Heater and A/C Filters.

Bathtub, sink grouting and caulking.

Tankless Water Heater Yearly Maintenance (Descaling the Water Heater).


Specialized in Troubleshooting (when others cannot find it, we will).

Most Plumbing Services, Residential and Commercial.

Small repairs (leaking kitchen sink, replacing garbage disposal, opening clogged pipes, etc)

Repair of leaking water pipes, sewer lines, gas lines.

Opening clogged pipes, Hydro-Jetting and video inspection of sewer lines.

Full house repiping (replacing hot and cold fresh water pipes with new Copper or PEX piping).

Replacing sewer lines, replacing or re-lining sewer main line to City main.

Replacing hot water heater with new one, or with Tankless water heater.  Installation of re-circulation pumps.

Any gas line installations, repairs or modifications. Earthquake shutoff valve at gas meter. Plumbing Engineering plans, if needed (Residential and Commercial).



Specialized in Troubleshooting (when others cannot find it, we will).

Most Electrical Services, Residential and Commercial.

Small electrical repairs, such as door bell repair/replacement, etc.

Installing new electrical plugs and new lights.

Whole house rewiring.

Main Electrical Panel and Sub Panels (Replacements and new installations).

Conversion from incandescent and fluorescent lighting to energy saving LED Lighting.

Landscape lighting design and installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs.



Full range of heating, venting and air conditioning installation and repair services.

Window A/C Unit installation and replacement.



Painting of any size, interior and exterior.

Interior Painting (from small to whole house).

Exterior Painting (from small to whole house).

Includes surface preparations (cleaning and repairs) before the actual painting.



Most Roofing Services, Residential and Commercial.

From small roof repairs to whole roof replacements (Re-Roofing).

Fascia Board repairs and replacements.

Rain Gutter

Repairs, replacements and new installations, any size (from small to whole house).


Exterior Decks and Stairs

Repair, replacement and new construction of decks (Wood or Composite Decking such as Trex).

Application of waterproof deck and stair coatings (Fiberglass coatings and Magnesite on decks, balconies, courtyards, walkways, staircases and pool decks with a variety of finishes, textures, patterns, and custom color choices to suit your design choice).


Railings & Gates

Installation and Repair (Wood, Composite such as Trex & Iron).


Exterior Doors & Windows

Replacement of existing doors and windows (matching existing traditional style or upgrading to maintenance-free replacements).



Full or partial Kitchen Remodels.

Full or partial Bathroom Remodels.

New Bathroom additions.

Any Remodels you envision.